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Our 120 hour online TEFL and TESOL course prepares you for teaching abroad in a classroom set up and teaching online from the comfort of your own home.

Every module has text, videos, quizzes and your own personal tutor to help you through the course and give you positive feedback. Need help finding an English teaching job in any of the above fields? We have contacts all over the world, so we can help set you on your way to the destination of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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To enroll, you can click on our price page and pick the course you want to take, then follow the instructions on the sign up page.You can pay with credit/debit card and PayPal. After payment is made you will receive a confirmation email along with the login details to our course and the details on how to contact your tutor.Please allow up to 12 hours to receive login details due to time differences. 

We have a variety of courses to suit teachers with and without teaching experience.

Courses for teachers with experience.

$59 120 hour two week intensive- This course consists of 10 modules, to be completed in two weeks. If you do not complete in two weeks, you have the option of paying an additional $30 so that you can complete at your own pace. (Note) on average teachers complete in around 10 days.

$89 120 hour Complete at your own pace- This course is good for teachers that have time and can study whenever it best suits them. 13 modules to cover including the most important lesson planning, classroom management, grammar, listening, reading and writing

Courses for teachers without experience.

$149 120 hour Complete at your own pace- Although this course suits teachers with and without experience, with this course you will get teaching practicum and teach a student live to gain some experience and confidence. With this course you will get full support with job placement and a free hard copy.
$39 60 hour course- This course is suited for teachers for online English teaching.

Yes, you can be a non native speaker and take this course and enjoy the benefits we offer, such as job placement support, tutor support and our affordable prices. However you must be able to speak English at a good level.
Online courses that include 100 or 120 hours of instruction are a good option for many people as they are generally affordable and should provide a solid grounding in areas such as teaching methodologies, classroom management and grammar structures. If you choose this option you should look for a course that is designed to be as practically focused as possible. For example, ITT’s 120-hour TEFL certificate course with tutor & videos provides all the theoretical knowledge required by a novice teacher, as well as a selection of videos that includes real teachers delivering lessons in a genuine classroom environment. A course such as this also requires the completion of multiple lesson plans that are submitted to a professional teacher trainer for assessment.
The above are generally used interchangeably, however, TEFL is most commonly used within the UK and TESOL is usually preferred in Australia and the USA. Although some countries may favor one acronym over the other, it is important to remember that a TEFL certification and a TESOL certification are exactly the same thing as the training involved is identical. 
Although TEFL and TESOL training courses are identical and the acronyms are generally used interchangeably, there is a technical difference between the two. The general perception is that speakers of English as a foreign language live in a non-English speaking country, meaning they don’t need to speak English on a daily basis and are usually learning the language for travel, business or simply as a hobby. In contrast, speakers of English as a second language live in an English speaking country, meaning they do need to speak English on a daily basis for work, socializing, shopping etc.
Yes we can notarize/authenticate your certificate for you, so that you can work in countries such as China or Vietnam. To work in these countries, you will be required to authenticate your documents for work permits and we can provide you with true original copies of your documents along with a verification letter stamped by us.

That is because right now our profit margin is high, so we can afford to do our courses cheaper than the others, however our prices do fluctuate every few months, due to profit margins and the prices of our courses may go up.


4.99/5.00 Rated


I was pleasantly surprised about this course. Even though it's an online course I was surprised with some of the assignments I had to do. I was given a lesson plan assignment, with a lesson plan template and an example lesson plan to help guide me. The template was a word document just like you would receive in a real school. I had to fill in 5 lesson plans for a school week and submit them via email.

I would like to express my gratitude to ITT for this great course. The tutor support was really helpful and answered any questions I had with a quick response. The assignments that were given to me to complete really helped me to prepare for teaching in a classroom and boasted my confidence. I had to prepare lesson plans and submit them to my tutor, in the same way I would have to do if I were in an actual school teaching English.





    Great course,  I learnt a lot with great tutor support. I am now working for an online company in the Philippines. I recommend this course to anyone that wants to advance their career, thank you ITT

    Charmaine Rose

    Online teacher


    Big thank you to ITT, for helping me through the course. I am looking forward to the future and working as an ESL teacher in China. Highly recommended course.

    Rachel Bingcula

    School teacher


    I want to say a big THANK YOU to ITT for helping me to get certified, because I was totally new at this teaching English as a foreign language thing, with no experience whats so ever

    Gordon Mark Henry



    Really enjoyed the course, loved watching the videos and completing the assignments. ITT you provide a great course, thank you :)


    School teacher





Employment Opportunities

 ITT International TEFL and TESOL is committed to helping its graduates find the right employment opportunities once they have successfully received their TEFL/TESOL Core certificate. 

For those who wish to find teaching positions abroad, we will provide assistance in resume writing, interview preparation, and research on a destination-of-interest. 

 Whether it be Asia, Europe or South America, we have the credentials to get you placed in a country and city of your choice.


Live tutor support 24 hours a day.

 Where ever you are in the world you will always have live tutor support, career coaching, and a well-rounded curriculum. 

Tutor feedback in all modules.Most online courses are too text heavy but here at ITT we do most of the course live through Skype ensuring you get the best advice and tips from a dedicated TEFL trainer. 

You will also receive a free 120 hour TEFL e book to help guide you through the course and to review in the future.


Affordable prices


Our 120 hour online courses start from $59 which is extremely affordable for a fully accredited course and recognized worldwide. Here is a short run down. Apart from our two week course, you can just login at the times you choose and complete the course at your own pace, with no deadline or clock running down.

120 Hour courses.

$59- Two week intensive course
$89- Complete at your own pace
$149- Complete at your own pace with full job placement support and free hard copy.

60 Hour course

$39- Tutor support and job resources

Please look at our "price page" for all the information.



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