Modules include
1. Essay writing 
2. Lesson planning, how to design effective lesson plans for teaching EFL/ESL.
3. Classroom management, advanced principles of classroom management. 
4. How to motivate students
5. How to teach grammar, basic principles of teaching grammar to young learner's.
6. How to teach Academic writing
7. How to teach reading, listening, to young learner's
8. How to teach online, to young learner's.
9. How to teach Business English
10. Resume writing.
11. How to find a job
12. The teaching and learning of phonics.
13. How to teach writing to young learner's. 
With the $149 course, you will have the chance to practice teaching with a real student online.
Apart from the $59 course, the others can be completed at your own pace and there are no deadlines for completion.
Our hard copy certificates come with a verification letter, stamped and with an authenticity code, so you will be able to use it worldwide.

Why choose us?

The majority of employers require job applicants to have at least a 120-hour TEFL certificate.
Unlike many other TEFL/TESOL course providers, ITT provides ongoing job assistance at no additional cost.
International TEFL and TESOL Training, unlike many other TEFL/TESOL course companies, provide graduates with an actual high-quality, hard-copy of their certificate.
You can choose to complete our online TEFL courses with or without tutor support. Our highly skilled and experienced online TEFL tutors are available throughout each course to answer questions and to offer feedback and suggestions for future improvement.

Our online TEFL/TESOL course is entirely based on distance learning. It can either be taken with the assistance of a personal tutor or completely without tutor assistance.

The fundamental nature of the online course is that there is no time spent physically in the classroom or with a tutor face to face. You will, however, through the use of two online videos be able to benefit from seeing actual teaching of English as a foreign/second language taking place.

This course is provided for those students who neither have the time and/or finances to attend a course on site but who still wish to obtain our internationally renowned TEFL certificate.

The essential benefit that this particular course provides is that it is designed to be affordable to those who wish to take the course externally according to their own time constraints and at their own leisure.


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